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Stone Lens' returns policy

Stone Lens is a totally safe place if you're looking for online Giclee photography to buy. I make my art with care and integrity - and I treat my customers in exactly the same way. I want you to absolutely love the piece you buy for your home. Or for someone you care about. So, if for any reason at all you simply change your mind, there is no problem. After all, when you buy a piece of my photographic art, you become my advocate!

Buying quality photography online

It's all about trust, isn't it? I have to trust that folk won't copy my work, re-publish it or anything like that. You have to trust me to treat you honestly and decently, too! And you can. I understand that sometimes people have a change of heart. It's personal, and I get that. So, I do everything possible to make it as easy as possible. The only thing I would say is that no-one has ever returned their art work!

So, how does the returns policy work?

Buying quality photography online might feel a bit risky but at Stone Lens Photography it isn't. I've got your back! This is what you do:

1. Email me at and let me kow you're sending the print back. Tell me the name of the print.

2. Then, just send the print back to me (I'll tell you where). Try and get it back to me within 2 weeks (or I'd get in an accounting muddle!)

3. As soon as I get the print, I'll refund your account for both the cost of the print and the postage.

Looking for online Giclee photography to buy should be a lovely experience and at Stone Lens Photography you can have total peace of mind. So, now that you feel all relaxed why not head over and look at some of the Collections!