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People contact Stone Lens Photography for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it's to ask how I created a particular image. Sometimes to enquire about a different size print (and sometimes I can help here!). Whatever the reason, it's always really lovely to have contact with people who have enjoyed my work. Even if they haven't bought anything and were just ambling happily through my Gallery!

The best is when people write to say how much they love their new art work and how good it makes them feel to look at it. Oh, and also when they write and tell me that they bought a print as a present for someone and that that someone loved it!

Talking is important, even if you are typing your words and thoughts when you contact Stone Lens Photography. I create my work in a living, breathing, real world, one affected by the physical world around me. My work is also affected by events going on both personally and globally, so nothing is created in a vacuum. So, when people contact me to share what they feel and what they think, it kind of breathes life back into my process. If that makes sense!

It couldn't be simpler to contact Stone Lens Photography!

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