Still Life

Still Life Photography

An ancient way of documenting inanimate objects around us, and one that I am starting to explore -  but with my eye seeing and focusing on the brighter and more luscious elements of the characters (well, the fruit, but they are characters to me).

The genre was properly born during the 16th century, with all those deep, rich Dutch paintings you'll recognise. Typically, they were allegorical works and woven with religious themes, but the style and intent of Still Life has grown and expanded enormously over the last few hundred years. It has moved in and out of fashion, sometimes considered rather 'low rent' and at others much 'prized'. With the advent of oil paints, the style became almost hyper-realistic and now there are abstract Still Lifes, and even computer generated ones. Crazy and wonderful!

I am being more conventional, although I am using a camera. At the moment I am sticking to the tradition of fruit and objects but I am also adding in my much loved elements of paint and textures as a way of glorifying my subjects!

Original artwork for any home and any room

For me the pleasure of looking at Still Life images is about three things - shape, colour and light and if they combine to create a sense of harmony and almost a feeling of 'desire', then I love it. Mostly, I am seduced by the textures and curves that lure me in!

I like the idea of art making people rejoice in the space that they occupy. The colours and form are naturally at home anywhere - if you put it in a fruit bowl, why not on your wall!

The images are rich in light, colour and feeling.

  • They are printed on the exquisite Hahnemuhle papers, either their German Etching or the Pearl. 
  • To really grasp how magnificent these are go and take a quick look at this page
  • The prints are available to buy in various formats (usually a ratio of 1:1 or 4:5) and come in a wide range of actual sizes.  Pretty much any size you want.

 Additional information

  • FREE DELIVERY worldwide - I use Royal Mail Tracked 24 for UK (1-3 days) and DHL for international service (2-4 days)
  • Your art comes with an extra 1" white border for ease of handling
  • 'No Questions Asked' returns policy