Collection: Lockdown Series

Artistic photographic prints of statues and sculptures

This is a very small series of just three prints that I created during the pandemic. Perhaps you too can identify with some of the force and emotions the photographs depict? If you're considering photographs of statues to buy, then you're in a good place.

Statues and all things stone and rock feature often in my work.  Stone is a constant in my life, and with Sibillini Mountains embracing my community, they mean something to me.  The scratches, striations and general scarring from the Corona Virus pandemic are etched over all of us. These pieces aim to capture something of that.

General Information about these photographs of statues to buy

As with all my work, I use only the exceptional Hahnemuhle Paper range, so that every single print looks like a real work of art. There's more information about the process here.

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