Abandonata - Hidden Worlds

Stunning photographs of abandoned places

These are powerful images of derelict, forgotten and secret places. They are photographs of the details of people's lives, their homes and the objects they once owned, as well as more architectural prints of abandoned buildings. As such they are sensitive and I am acutely aware when I take these photographs of the significance of what I am doing.

I add to this collection fairly regularly, depending on how often I discover these quite desperately moving places.

Background to this sensitive art

I will  be writing a blog in November 2021 about what this kind of work means to me and how I approach it, so do look out for that.  It is enormously intimate, effectively breaking in to what was once someone's home, someone's sanctuary and it's not something I do lightly.

I am the first person to have entered them for decades. The air is always thick with dust, my face and body covered in years of cobwebs within minutes, and rats and mice abound. There's never much light, only that which seeps in through holes in the roof, cracked walls or broken windows.

They are mausoleums of sorts, some empty for 50 years or more. I find tables set for supper, beds ready to get into and so on. It is tremendously seismic around here and people have, over the generations, learned to flee in a moment.

I think of these photographs as treasures.

Information about the actual prints

Each photograph come s with all you need to know about the sizes, the type of paper your art work is printed on and details about delivery of the piece. Delivery is free, incidentally! Yep, Anywhere.