a textured closeup portrait of TamsenCourtenay smiling

I am a huntress. My quarry is everywhere, but not always observed: beauty, authenticity, integrity and simplicity. I capture it with my camera, and try to reveal as much of it as I can in my prints.

Art is a refuge, a place of safety and contemplation.

Scroll down, enjoy your visit and come again.

painterly fine art print of a wooden statue head tilted into clouds

'Breath' - in Lock Down Collection

fine art photograph of winter grasses peeking through bluey snow

'Winter Grass in Snow, No.1' - in Nature Collection

fine art textured photo of white vintage shoe on a broken green glass bottle

'Awakening' - in Single Images Collection

fine art giclee photo of a wooden chair under a collapsed ceiling in pink tones

'Chair under Collapsed Ceiling' - in Abandoned Hospital Collection

textured fine art photo of a wilting red dog rose

'Dog Rose No.1' - in Nature Collection

fine art photo of a drummer boy in medieval costume

'Drummer' - in Medieval Portraits Collection