Brightly coloured fine art print of three green limes in a row
Pianterly fine art photo of child'swhite vintage shoe in abandoned house
fine art painterly photo of statue of man escaping leather binds
Fine art photo of wild red dog roses

As life does its dance and the universe ebbs and flows, beauty, integrity and simplicity become more and more important to me. I spend a lot of my time trying to capture these elusive elements.

Colour portrait of tamsen courtenay

Take a few minutes for yourself: have a wander around the gallery and see what grabs your interest. You'll find the best of fine art prints, still life photography, landscape prints and more, to buy online for your home or office, but also just to look at: art is a refuge, a place of safety and contemplation.

Colurful textured photo of damp vintage wallpaper


Taken inside an abandoned house, up in the mountains here ... that wallpaper is literally drenched in colour and texture. I love this!

It's over in the Abandonata - Hidden Worlds collection

human footprint in green paint

It'd be lovely ...

... to stay in touch and see you here again.

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