fine art painterly print of grasses in snow framed above a modern table

bring calm to life


fine art painterly photo of stand of winter trees at dawn

We breathe what trees exhale ... Trees breathe what we exhale. Beautiful.

fine art textured print of a red wood statue head looking up with eyes closed

big relax

fine art photo of white sail boat alone in ocean

be open

Colour portrait of tamsen courtenay

I am a huntress. My quarry is everywhere, but not always noticed: beauty, integrity and simplicity. I capture it with my camera, and reveal as much of it as I can, in my prints. A little something to bring you all some peace and general gorgeousness!

Art is a refuge, a place of safety and contemplation. Rest up here for a while and feast your eyes..

You can see the prints in their various collections or go straight to the gallery for the whole catalogue of photographs. All my images are printed on archival and massively high quality Hahnemuhle papers.

Enjoy your visit and come again.

It'd be lovely ...

... to stay in touch and see you here again.

I write a rather sporadic newsletter where you get sneak previews of new projects, occasional competitions as well as general chatter from my neck of the woods, here in the Italian countryside.

colourful fine art photo of green lime fruits in a row

The second of the Lime series - A really fresh and happy new series to make your mouth water!

Available to buy here

so ... have a wander around and enjoy!